Bachelor Degree/Non-certified

If you hold a Bachelor’s Degree, you can provide a vital service in your community by becoming a substitute teacher.

There is a severe shortage of certified teachers throughout the country, in Pennsylvania and, most likely, in your immediate community. By being a substitute teacher, you provide consistency in children’s learning environment which is fundamental to their academic success. Substitute teaching provides you flexibility that fits your lifestyle. A+ Teachers will assist you with training and support as you get started working with students in the classroom.

  • You may be a recent college graduate
    • looking for job opportunities
    • income to start paying off your student loans
  • You may be an individual returning to the work force
    • need flexibility in your schedule
    • want to augment your income
  • You may be a military veteran or retiree
    • whose life and work experiences will provide a role model for students
    • contribute to your community
    • income with flexibility
  • You may be thinking about a career in education
    • experience teaching and find if this is right for you
Non-Certified Substitute Teachers in Harrisburg pa

Whatever your reason, contact A+ Teachers to speak to one of our recruitment specialists or apply now.

Why A+ Teachers?

  • Recruitment specialists support you through the application and emergency permit process and work with you to maximize your substitute teaching experience
  • Professional development program to help you feel comfortable and effective as a substitute teacher
  • Clearances reimbursement program
  • Opportunity to work in multiple school districts
  • Scheduling flexibility
  • Single paycheck and W2 form
  • Healthcare coverage
  • School year bonus program
  • Employee bonus referral program

Our recruitment specialists will walk you through the application process including the Pennsylvania state requirements: