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Who is A+ Teachers?

A+ Teachers is a division of Abel Personnel, Inc. a firm well known and established in central Pennsylvania since 1969.

Since 1969, Abel Personnel has examined the pulse of our community, tracking the changes in business, education, and government. We have carefully evaluated the need for providing permanent and temporary employees to businesses in our growing region. As a result of our research, we recognized the need for a service to assist our school systems to achieve their primary objective of a quality education. School district have important challenges and the burden of finding substitute teachers should not detract from those important tasks. Abel Personnel, with over 40 years of employee placement and dispatching, can work for you.

Why A+ Teachers?

Teachers, Nurses, Classroom Aides

A+ Teachers is dedicated to providing you with a rewarding teaching experience.

  • Clearances reimbursement program
  • Opportunity to work in multiple school districts
  • Point of entry into school district
  • Scheduling flexibility
  • Single paycheck and W2 form
  • We offer professional development designed to support and enhance your experience
  • Gain classroom management skills
  • Determine if an education career is right for you
  • Healthcare coverage
  • School year bonus program
  • Employee bonus referral program

School District Services

A+ Teachers provides qualified education professionals to meet the needs of the school district. We recruit certified teachers, individuals with 4-year degrees, nurses and classroom aides.

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The A+ Teachers' mission is to provide qualified substitute teachers, school nurses, classroom aides, and more to Pennsylvania school district.