5 Reasons

5 Reasons Why Substitute Teaching is Right for You

We see it every football season. The star quarterback suffers an injury, and the backup quarterback puts down the clipboard, straps on a helmet, and leads the team to victory.

Of course, that moment isn’t improvised. It takes a great deal of planning and teamwork to send that man onto the field. At A+ Teachers, we supply quality substitute teachers for midstate school districts, and every day, our substitutes who step in for absent teachers have a team and a plan behind them.

We offer training by two active, longtime teachers, plus credible resources that help you build a toolbox of techniques and insights.

"A+ Teachers equips you with the skills needed for classroom success!"

5 Reasons you should consider substitute teaching

Many substitute teachers don’t need teaching certificates in Pennsylvania. They only need basic documentation, a college degree, and background clearances.

With these simple requirements, substitute teaching may be right for you. Consider these five benefits:

1. Flexibility
Wouldn’t it be nice if your job worked around your schedule? Our substitute teachers can accept or decline each day’s openings. Their days end before the afternoon is over, freeing time for other priorities.
2. Transition job
Many substitute teachers come to us when their lives are in transition. They might be recent college graduates or retirees, laid off from a job or stay-at-home parents. Some are considering careers in education and want to give it a spin before committing their money and time to a degree program.
3. Making a difference
Students today need to know that someone cares. A kind hello during the school day can mean a lot. Substitute teachers assure that the school day flows smoothly, for an uninterrupted educational experience. One of our substitute teachers is a parole officer who’s determined to keep students focused on learning so they won’t land in her office later in life.
4. Resume builder
Substitute teaching provides real-world experience to leverage many career paths. One of our substitute teachers was accepted into an accelerated program for training college professors, and he’s building up classroom time to meet the criteria for teaching experience. Another is pursuing a career as a child psychologist.
5. Future job
Every year, a number of our substitutes accept full-time jobs as teachers or paraprofessionals in the schools where they’ve taught. Substitute teaching is a foot in the door and a showcase for your skills. When a school district informed us that a teacher had left mid-year, one of our substitutes taught the class for the rest of the year, providing important continuity. Sure enough, the district hired her as soon as the position opened officially.

A+ Teachers: A Team Effort

At A+ Teachers, every substitute teacher gets individualized support.

It starts with the interview, a relaxing conversation that helps us know who you are and what brought you here. Your experience and demeanor tell us the best classroom match, and our team of schedulers does its utmost to make sure the right person is in the right spot. One substitute teacher seemed more comfortable with younger students at first, but as he became acclimated to the classroom, we moved him into middle and high school, where administrators loved him and his work. That gradual approach, based on our assessment, assured him a future in substitute teaching.

At A+ Teachers, we build strong and communicative relationships with school administrators and staff. Any problems are resolved quickly, and many are averted through dialog, even if it means taking a Saturday night phone call from a school principal to talk about Monday morning. We make sure that everybody is on the same page, so that each day goes smoothly.

Substitute teachers end every workday knowing that students learned something that will make a difference in their lives. At A+ Teachers, we strive to fill schools with quality people, and we’re always happy to welcome new members. We get to the heart of each teacher’s goals and capabilities to deliver a win-win for everyone – for the substitute teachers, the schools, and the students.

Find us at www.abelteachers.com to learn how you can join the team.