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If I’m a graduate with a teacher’s certification can I apply for a teaching position?

When a position is available in the school district, you may apply. This will be beneficial to you since the school knows your teaching performance and could provide you a greater chance for an interview. There will be no obligations to A+ Teachers if you accept a teaching position. We wish you success in your teaching career.

Is A+ Teachers like an employment firm?

Yes. Our service provides substitute teachers to several school districts. One of many differences is A+ Teachers appreciates you. We treat you with great respect and allow you to experience a friendly working relationship with us. We take pride in creating a service that offers more than just providing substitute teachers to the school district.

Will I have a choice of schools, grades, and subjects?

Yes, during your interview process, please indicate your choices.

May I use the transcript of my Master’s Degree?

No, the Bureau of Teacher Certification and Preparation requires a Bachelor’s Degree.

What if I want to work only few days a week?

Substitute teaching offers a flexible schedule. During your interview, please provide us with your schedule, so we know what days you are available.

What is the daily pay for substitute teaching?

Each school district has their daily pay rate; A+ Teachers pays the rate set by the school district.

Will I know the pay I receive when I accept an assignment?

Yes, you will be given the pay rate of the school district when you accept the assignment.

How many calls will I receive if I want to teach in different school districts through A+ Teachers?

One! The A+ Teachers' dispatcher will be calling you in the evening or morning.

Will I be placed at the bottom of the list, if don’t accept an assignment?

No. If you receive a call and decide not to accept an assignment, you are not penalized for it. However, if you commit to an assignment, we expect that you are there.

If I have a Bachelor’s Degree, can I qualify to be a substitute teacher?

Yes, you can become a Guest Teacher by obtaining an emergency permit. An emergency permit allows a person with a Bachelor’s degree without a teaching certification to be a substitute teacher in any subject. The PA Department of Education issues emergency permits at the request of a school district or the appropriate Intermediate Unit. We can help you prepare the required documents to become a Guest Teacher or visit a county specific Intermediate Unit office for more information on the Guest Teacher Training Program (not all school districts allow Guest Teachers).