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A+ Teachers eliminates the difficulty of calling substitutes. We maintain a continuous recruiting function;

  • handle personnel records,

  • payroll expenses and paperwork.

By performing these tasks, we release school staff to perform more important tasks related to the curriculum, teacher development, and providing more time to deal with parents and students.

Specifically, how will A+ Teachers perform their tasks?

  • Recruit certified teachers and credentialed individuals with emergency certification.

  • Increase the number of substitute teachers available for your classrooms.

  • Improve the preparedness of substitute teachers for working in your schools through educational materials and regular meetings.

  • Relieve your staff of the burdens of dispatching calls.

  • Relieve your staff of the time and expense of doing payroll for substitute teachers.

  • Assume the costs associated with hiring substitute teachers.

  • Handle hiring and discontinuing any substitute teachers.

  • Work directly with the appropriate contact person at each school.

  • Electronically prepare substitute teachers with appropriate school data before arrival.

  • Provide an electronic listing of all substitutes on a daily basis.

  • Customize our service to meet the needs of your school district.

Other Services

In addition to the placement of substitute teachers we can assist your school district by providing classroom aides, office and business personnel on either a temporary or temporary to full-time permanent basis.

Nancy Gundy, Education Services Director, A+ Teachers

ngundy @ 3356 Paxton Street
Harrisburg, PA 17111
Ph: 717-561-2222
Fax: 717-561-0134